Meet The Owner

Whitney Spencer is the passionate salon owner of CROWN Salon Studio and CEO of Crown Hair Solutions. Her background is in Chemistry from the University of Central Arkansas, where she had an emphasis in nanotechnology in cosmetics. She later studied cosmetology at Paul Mitchell Little Rock to combine her knowledge of chemistry with the world of beauty. 

Whitney concentrates on science-driven beauty products for the sole purpose of allowing her clients and customers around the world to confidently know their hair is being transformed through evidence-based knowledge and her intense passion for beauty. 

Whitney is drawn to cosmetology because of the curiosity to create something new with the building blocks of life. That curiosity arose in 2015 with focusing on helping women suffering from hair loss medically and biologically. Out of that curiosity grew a passion which became CROWN Salon Studio, born in 2018. CROWN was born to provide hundreds of women of various ethnicities to elevate their beauty through the enhancement of extensions formulated with healthy, hair care routines.